Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hey u guys! Wassup~! Sori coz a lil'bit bz, working time, project and others~ So, act i have so many things to write in diz blog but i think diz is not da right time ya~ So sory 4 diz, bcoz I dun wanna do the same mistake like b4~ Hopes u guys understand me~ hee~ It's ok, i will write the story after i finish up my mission then after dat, u guys can scold me or whtever it is. hahaha. Bab kata org melayu " tpkse!!" . hahaha

Ok, act about the title of the entry, it is not a story ~ But juz want 2 say that i'm blind ! haha. Kenapa? Questions ? hmm, harap korg sume jgn marah la. hikhik. Aq pon xthu nk tulis ape sbnrnye! wakakaka. But I promise u guys after next 2 weeks, i will update my blog. I promise! haha. Ok, juz wanna u guys 2 wish me luck in my mission! It's really fun doin diz, but i gonna let u guys keep questioning, what act I do~ Its a suprise! Wait up! :)

Will Continue.....

Mari Like~!


Zuraidah said...


ehe. Dah macam drama ni.

aku di jalanan said...

hahaha. thu xpe~ so nnt korg akan menantikan crite2 sy!~kehkehkeh!