Thursday, December 24, 2009

can't stop love someone!

salam..huh... it's hard 2 say diz.. but it makes me feel uncomfortable.. dunno wat 2 do.. when there someone 4 me i brokeup wit her.. den i feel dat i really need someone 2 care of me.. 2 say the love word 4 me.. huh! it's really difficult 4 me 2 take diz.. there is something stop me 2 do diz.. Oh Gosh... a mission dat haven't complete yet.. i need 2 complete diz b4 i started love someone.. but diz girl really make me feel dat i should go after her.. her heart looks empty.. should i approach her..?? how about my mission..?? i juz broke with my ex bcoz of diz.. i dun wan 2 look stupid infront of her... did she is the real one 4 me..?? how can stop thinking of diz..? could someone help me 2 solve diz..? i dunno if she really likes me n wait 4 me.. i wanna approach her but...............? really can do diz.. how should i end diz emosion n stop my drama..? huh.. Allah, please forgive me, give me a power to handle diz prob n hopes u always behind me when i really need u.. thanz God. amin~
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