Monday, February 22, 2010


salam, alhamdulillah yesterday night, i've finished my second midterm, Financial Accounting 4. It's hard 4 me 2 describe in a words.. but after i go through the day b4 now i can have more relax 2 release my tension. Our course, Dip.Accounting r the 1st course 2 have an early exam & until now i already take 2 paper in a week. But, now juz wait & c until final coz in my 4th semester, every week i got test! hahaha, it looks crazy but it happened! Diz, week i will going back 2 my hometown again bcoz one of my fren need 2 fly again 2 India 2 continue his stdy. Hopes, he has a gud luck der & bcome a gud doctor. From now on, i've promise 2 my self 2 score as gud as i can in my final year in MMU! I juz wanna get a gud pointer b4 i GRAD! kekeke:p and i've promise 2 my self 2 fly 2 Ireland, 2 continue my stdy! Hopes, it will come true, amin. U guys, please pray 4 me, my stdy, & my health. This will be my last chance! Hopes i could make it. Amin. Praise Allah~
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