Monday, December 27, 2010

Masalah demi masalah~

huh, untuk permulaan ni je aku dh mengeluh~ ntah la, mcm2 masalah yg dtg. satu per satu aku cube selesaikan. But, sometime people change a lot~ I really need time to solve it one by one. And i took diz chance goin back 2 kuantan and have a gud time with my family and fellow frenz. 2010 it's in the end, 4 days left. So many things to come and also many things 2 go. Maybe the way it comes will be a lil'bit different with other. I'm 20, but still a lot of things that i need 2 know, and a lot of thigs that i need 2 learn. Problems come in any aged. It's not bcoz u're teenagers or u're childish or u're a man. Everyone will have it.

But in my situation, it's come from my mate, my family and others that so disturbing me~ huhuhu. the only solution 4 me is go on vacation. Hopes it will help me rest my mind, body and soul. hehehe. After diz intern, maybe i will take a week rest b4 i start my new job. Act, i cont working here at Mynice Auditing Consultancy & Networking but not as practical student yet but as a worker. I try 2 adapt with diz new life, woke up at 6, sembahyang subuh then prepare my self, then goin to work at 8, goin home at 5. hahaha. what a new life~

Mari Like~!

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