Friday, December 31, 2010

In The End of 2010

1st and almost i would like to thank all the people around me who always be with me, who always gave their supported to me, who always gave their 100% commitment to me. I really appreciated for what u guys have done to me. This post, will give a lot of meaning 2 me coz diz entry will describe all the the things that i've done in 2010. There will be a long journey of me in 2010. I'll try my best 2 describe the whole things.

1. Bukit Tabur

2. Bukit Broga

3. Diving Licence @ Pulau Tioman

4. Diving @ Pulaun Perhentian

5. Cleaning Underwater @ Pulau Perhentian

6. Gunung Buah, Genting Highland

7. Pine Tree Hills, Fraser Hill

8. Gunung Datuk, Rembau

9. Bukit Broga

10. Underwater Cleaning @ Pulau Tioman

11. Gunung Datuk, Rembau

This what i've achieved in 2010 but there are somethings that i can't make it due to injury which is :-

1. Gunung Angsi

2. Underwater Cleaning @ Pulau Tioman

3. Gunung Liang

Lately, there is somethings that happen 2 me. Someone who had fill my day, someone who always be with me everyday. Only Allah knew~

So, thanks to Allah who gave me a chance to breath again until this day. I hope this coming 2011 will bright my day, will have a gud health so i can move on until my last breath. Thank you 2010, hope will c u again but i knew that i cant. :)

"GOOD BYE 2010"


Mari Like~!

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