Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello 2011!

Wow~ Finally we're in 2011! I hopes this new year will be a great start 4 me to be a gud men in future. But diz new year gave me a a lot of meaning. Diz new year, I and all my best fren meet together. We having futsal together. There is :-

1) jimi

2) farid

3) aboh

4) qidin

5) mokh (birthday boy)

6) haziq

7) munawar

8) kamarul wanted

9) shamir

10) firdauz

11) rozainal

12) aizat

13) bun

14) zarol

We never plan diz, but some of them was already here coz of semester break. I really appreciate diz. Thanks u guys, diz means a lot to me. I hopes that we can gather together like diz, after diz. I wanna thanks to haziq coz sudd cancel ur appointment. I really appreciate that. I feel that u guys love me a lot. I LOVE U GUYS 2! Really hopes diz friendships never end till we die.


" HELLO 2011!! "

Mari Like~!

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