Tuesday, January 18, 2011

For You

Suddenly I dont know how to start, but it's all about u. We only meet in last few month, yeah, only for last few month. But, u already won my heart. Sometimes , I would like 2 gave u a medal juz like "Lagenda Budak Setan", hahaha. At first, I juz looking at u, always looking at u. I dunno how it be, but everything I do, I will always took my eyes on u. U make me feel uncomfortable, since the day we meet. Then I try my best 2 know u, and now I already know u, and I know how much u love me. But, we never declare anything yet. I juz want u 2 know that, I will wait 4 u :) I will try my best 4 not looking at other girls. Heee~ B'coz I also fall in love with u~♥

Mari Like~!

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