Tuesday, January 5, 2010


salam.. huh, how 2 start diz.. everyday i have 2 facing all diz.. diz make me feel unconfortable.. really regret with him.. how could he took all diz.. is diz we call frenz..? n she juz ignore me even i've do everything.. how could her..?? everyday i have 2 hear da voice.. everyday i heard she call his name... oh God! pleazz 4give me 4 wat i've done.. even i make her laugh she still look at him.. why God? why ? is she the best 4 me..? how can i continue seeing them together.?? or should i after diz ignore them?? or should i said 2 her what should i say..? i juz not strong enough 2 face diz.. i think that i need a time.. but the time juz not let me go.. i tired enough.. cant think no more.. cant do diz alone.. i juz ask 4 help but still pending.. do not know wht 2 do.. In the name of U, Allah , i promise 2 dat i will do anything 4 u.. but plezzz.. help me diz.. give me a power 2 make sure dat i can face diz one.. Amin~
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