Thursday, January 7, 2010


now me in ktn and has started my new trimester break for half and a week.. but diz trimester break is really excruciating 4 me.. it has been a long journey dat i've to face 4 a short trimester.. now i try 2 forget about my feeling 2 her , i've 2 stop it bcoz unrequited love.. maybe she's need time but 4 me it's easy.. if dat girl doesn't want me so it's over.. but diz situation make me think so many time.. i've make a mistake b4 diz, n i'm scared if she still hurt with my words b4.. but it's ok, i still can wait her as long as there is no girl love me after her.. i juz pretend dat i never ask her 4 love.. diz really a big shock 4 me n sumtime blushing 2 face her.. but it's ok, think positive nazir! u should know wht u should do! hahaha.. so many things r playing in my head right now! ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr... i dunno wht should i do now.. thnz Allah, coz i still have frenz here in ktn.. dey always make me happy, make me laugh even i'm still hurts.. huhuhu:( but life must go on, if she is made 4 me, i will always be der 4 her, but if she's not made 4 me juz let us frenz forever until d end n close my heart 4 her... it's easy, but looking her everyday make me feel impossible 2 forget her.. juz a week 2 drop diz feeling..? i dun think so.. coz we're 2 closed each other.. hehehe:p but seems like she got another guy 2 replace me, so let it be.. i dun like 2 disturb any relations dat Allah has made them to be.. if dat happen i juz can b away from them, juz can have diz feeling untill entire of my life.. i juz can tell her that " i do have love u" but "i'm not da one 4 u" n "u deserved have better".. diz is a story of life.. sumtimes we got everything, n sumtimes we lost everything.. i juz can accept everything dat Allah has stated 4 us and try work 4 it until i got bless from u Allah.. hopes she's 4 me but if not i accept it as ur certainty Allah.. amin
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