Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project Aware-Tioman

On the 2nd October 2010 - 6 October 2010, MMU Divers Club organized a conversation base event which is Project Aware-Tioman with two groups of divers.

Project Aware-Tioman is a underwater cleaning activities that is goin to take place at Pulau Tioman. The event is opened only to certified divers.

Date : 2nd-4th October - First Group ( i'm in diz group! )
: 4th-6th October - Second Group

Venue : Kampung Genting, Pulau Tioman

Official Resort / Accomodation : Impiana Inn
Official Dive Centre : Samudera Scuba Diver
Instructor : Daren Chua

- Underwater cleansing
- Pick-up rubbish underwater
- Pick-up "Crown of thorn"

What is Crown of Thorn ?
The crown-of-thorn starfish is a large nocturnal sea star that preys upon coral polyps. The crown-of-thorn receives it's name from venomous thorn-like spines that cover it's body. It is endemic to tropical coral reefs in the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean. As solitary animals, they feed alone and maintain constant distance between themself and other members of their species. The crown-of-thorns is the second largest sea star in the world. Only the sunflower starfish is the larger.

Too much of "crown of thorn" will cause coral bleaching.

How to pick up 'COT' ?
We pick up the "COT" by using a hook. Then, we bring them all up to the beach and bury them the sane. More than 20 "COT" had been collected during the whole project.

Dive site that we have collected "COT"
1) Chebeh
2) Batu Malang
3) Fan Canyan
4) Sepoi
5) Soya
6) Renggis
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